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Ohio DECA Camp

Every summer, DECA members from across the state come together to spend a weekend at Ohio FFA Camp Muskinghum to learn more about DECA, network with other students, and become more confident leaders.

The Ohio DECA Summer Leadership Retreat, or simply known as DECA Camp, is a four day excursion in which attendees are paired with other DECA members from across the state in a small group led by a Youth Staff member, a recent camp alumni and graduate.

The Summer Leadership Retreat (SLR) is designed to build a camper’s leadership skills through various small group activities, teamwork exercises, co-initiative small ropes course, inspirational speakers, mock competition, informational workshops, and social events. As the first major event of the year, DECA Camp provides the tools and motivation necessary to be a success in DECA throughout the year.

Since 1976, the goal of the SLR has been to provide the opportunity for Ohio DECA members to develop essential skills needed for their future endeavors in Marketing Education and DECA in a fun, relaxed, social environment.

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